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AOL, an American web portal and service provider, has been quite popular in the online world. With its recent upgradation into AOL Desktop Gold, the software has proved to be beyond capable. AOL Gold exists as a desktop application and also provides the users the accessibility to AOL emails. If you are a constant user of this software or even a novice , there are chances that you might require technical assistance at any given time. Email Desktop Help is a website that stays put for answering all your queries that you have with AOL Desktop Gold or AOL email. The technical geeks at AOL customer support are in service to handle the dilemmas that you face. Whether you are not able to find the desktop icon, facing with AOL email error 104, not able to install the application or facing login issues with AOL email, the customer support is always available at the forefront for your technical guidance. The number stays in service 24*7. The content that gets published on the website is easily accessible and is written in a language which is easy for you to understand. AOL email can be accessed through any web browser, and it is not mandatory that you open it by navigating to the AOL Desktop application. No matter what question you have, Email Desktop Help has an answer to your query.

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We are a completely independent unit which focuses on providing instant and efficient AOL support Service. All the logos, brand names, and trademarks which have been used on this website remain the property of their owners. We take complete assurance that the information provided on this website is authentic and accurate. Nevertheless, certain information is subject to periodic changes which are not guaranteed.